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June 2011

Steve Jobs comic book biography coming in August

A comic book biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is headed to stores in August.

February 2011

November 2010

Forbes: Steve Jobs Is The 17th Most Powerful Person On The Planet

With an effete wave of his hand, Steve Jobs could have you and everyone you cared about bludgeoned to death in the night by turtleneck-wearing goons armed with iPhone-stuffed socks, but that’s not enough to make him crack the top ten in Forbes’ list of most powerful people on the planet.

April 2010

Stephen Hawking warns against contacting aliens over invasion fears

Scientist Stephen Hawking fears aliens in giant spaceships may one day terrorise earth. The physicist said extraterrestrials almost certainly exist on other planets.

Woz Accidentally Gets Apple Engineer Fired For Showing iPad

Here’s a interesting story about secrecy and making mistakes at Apple. The story is told by Woz, Apple employee number one (check out his hilarious shirt).

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