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December 2010

Bangko Sentral issues new generation bank notes

After several years, Philippine bank notes get a much-needed overhaul. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on Thursday unveiled the bank notes’ new designs, as well as its new security features.

iOS Apps: synthPond

synthPond is a relaxing spatial sequencer and generative audio toy inspired by the work of Toshio Iwai. Unlike a normal sequencer where you place notes on a grid and a moving playhead plays them, in synthPond you place nodes in a field (pond).

July 2010


The award winning time tracker just got even better. Here’s what our reviewers and customers say: “WorkLog makes tracking time on your iPhone a cinch. WorkLog is really the kind of iPhone app that it’s worthwhile to pony up the ducats for.”

May 2010

Steve Jobs Emails: Notes Syncing Coming To MobileMe

Steve Jobs is at it again — emailing Apple customers with answers to their questions. This one was sent to by reader Paul Greenberg, who asked Jobs about a missing MobileMe feature that’s been bugging him for three years: the inability to sync notes via MobileMe.

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