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October 2011

iOS Apps: TrafficDito

TrafficDito gives you real-time traffic updates from people stuck in it! It's the first social traffic monitoring app that helps you identify trouble spots in Metro Manila through fellow app users and the Twitterverse! This means you get only the most relevant and recent traffic updates from people actually on the road.

October 2010

Android Apps: CoPilot Live USA

Premium voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation with USA maps stored on your phone for just $4.99!

August 2010

GPS Locator

A simple application that shows the user the exact geographic location in degrees, minutes and seconds. Along with that you can get the course in degrees and the speed in kilometers per hour.

July 2010

Apple Apps: myCoordinates Pro

myCoordinates Pro is the Ultimate Navigational Suite for your iPhone and iPod touch. It transforms your device into a useful and handy navigation system. It has many powerful and useful navigational features, Including:

June 2010

FingerNavi Free

This application shows direction for your target location. The application concept is different point of view, the direction you need to go is indicated by finger.

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