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November 2010

Find My iPhone (or iPad, or iPod touch) is now free

Buried in Apple’s press release regarding the availability of iOS 4.2 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was the fact that the Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch service is now free and no longer requires a MobileMe subscription.

May 2010

Apple’s MobileMe service updates

Apple has updated its MobileMe Web service with several improvements to the Gallery, iDisk, Sync, and Find My iPhone features. Apple has also released the MobileMe Mail beta program as described in this article earlier this week. These improvements to MobileMe are definitely welcomed as many users would like to see Apple step up their game in the Web services area.

Apple MobileMe Mail beta Invitation

What is this? We originally thought it could possibly be linked into the rumors that MobileMe may soon be free, but reader Beau quickly pointed us to a news post from Apple detailing a new MobileMe Mail beta application.

Rumor: MobileMe To Drop Subscription Fee

MobileMe may be the one Apple product I’ve never been tempted enough to at least consider pulling the trigger on.

Steve Jobs Emails: Notes Syncing Coming To MobileMe

Steve Jobs is at it again — emailing Apple customers with answers to their questions. This one was sent to by reader Paul Greenberg, who asked Jobs about a missing MobileMe feature that’s been bugging him for three years: the inability to sync notes via MobileMe.

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