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Virtual Patching in the Spotlight Due to Unpatched Microsoft Vulnerabilities

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Due to three recently disclosed Microsoft vulnerabilities, the use of Intrusion prevention system (IPS) protection to shield against vulnerabilities


Steve Ballmer: Should He Stay, or Should He Go?

Some people call him the Monkey Man. His goofy public appearances have provided millions of YouTube viewers with endless entertainment. And under his leadership for the past 11 years, Microsoft’s performance in the stock market has been limp.

Microsoft’s Bing sees Twitter backlash for Japan quake campaign

Here’s a great example of how a seemingly noble social media donation campaign can go awry: Microsoft tweeted two hours ago on the Bing search engine’s Twitter account that it would donate up to $100,000 to help victims of Japan’s earthquake — but only if Twitter users retweeted its original post to broadcast it to their followers, at $1 per retweet.


Prolink Tablet PC TW8 Review

If you can’t get away from regular PC applications, there’s always the Prolink Tablet PC TW8 which runs on Windows 7.

10,000 PCs hit with new Windows XP zero-day attack

Nearly a month after a Google engineer released details of a new Windows XP flaw, criminals have dramatically ramped up online attacks that leverage the bug.

Bill Gates: Pen-Based Tablets Will Beat the iPad, At Least With Students

Apple’s iPad might have sold one million units in just a month, but that’s not impressing Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who thinks that the iPad’s touch-only input approach will ultimately lose to pen-based tablets… at least with students:

Apple: The Microsoft of Mobile?

Apple could soon be the target of an antitrust investigation by either the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice, according to numerous press reports, with the feds focusing on its new policy requiring developers to write iPhone OS apps using only Apple-approved programming languages.

Microsoft Investigates SharePoint 2007 Zero Day

Microsoft is scrambling to fix a bug in its SharePoint 2007 groupware after a Swiss firm abruptly released code that could be used in an attack.

Windows iTunes Users Targeted By Malware

Surprise surprise. There’s a new morsel of PC malware out there plaguing Windows machines. Nothing to write about there: it’s non-news, the equivalent of Paris Hilton getting a polite note from the Center of Disease Control.

Microsoft pulls faulty patch, plans re-release

A critical vulnerability affecting Microsoft Windows 2000 Server running Windows Media Services will remain unfixed until Microsoft re-releases a patch for it, the company said last Friday.

The Dogs of War: Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft

It’s hard to grasp the breathtaking scale of the epic war between Microsoft, Google and Apple.

Gears of War 3 preemptively confirmed for April 2011

What we heard: Someone at Xbox Live is getting fired. At least, that appears to be the case if a leaked screen that has surfaced on the blog All Games Beta is legitimate.

Microsoft Terminated Us For Not Participating In An Orgy

EIM, an Israeli software distributor is suing Microsoft for terminating their partnership after they refused to participate in a drug and sex party.


First Look: Windows 7 Shapes Up as Microsoft’s Best OS Yet

Good news, everyone! If you’ve been stuck in a time loop using Windows XP, which is nearing eight years old, or Windows Vista, which is just annoying, you can finally break free: Windows 7 is almost here. Microsoft delivers a slickly designed, vastly improved OS that will warp you to the world of today. This upgrade is big, and it’s hugely recommended for Microsoft users.

Judge orders Microsoft to stop selling Word

A judge on Tuesday ordered Microsoft to stop selling Word, one of its premier products, in its current form due to patent infringement.

Microsoft to Bundle Firefox and Chrome with Windows?

In its effort to detangle itself from the ongoing proceedings of the European Union antitrust case, it seems Microsoft is offering to include rival web browsers in the Windows OS. Revealed in a statement by the European Commission, Microsoft offered to give consumers a choice of browser installation through a browser ballot screen. New computer owners running Windows may get a chance to choose their browsers form a variety of software makers.

Microsoft to copy Apple Store design, will include “Guru Bar”

With Microsoft copying Apple lock and step, it’s like 1995 all over again. In the latest piece of un-innovation from Redmond, a leaked presentation

Microsoft changes Laptop Hunters ad after Apple complains

Microsoft has responded to Apple’s complaint about the software giant’s Laptop Hunters campaign by quietly tweaking at least one of the ads, taking down the old ad from its website and sites like YouTube, and replacing it with a new one.

Can Bill Gates Control the Weather?

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is a man with a permanent light bulb over his head. His latest idea? Controlling the weather. Sounds insane, but in a patent application recently released to the public, Gates and several co-inventors have concocted a scheme to kill hurricanes over the ocean before they wreak havoc on land.

Microsoft to Open Retail Stores Next to Apple’s

Here’s a tale of bad neighbors waiting to unravel: Microsoft is planning to set up shop right next to its worst enemy, Apple.

Microsoft: 3% of e-mail is stuff we want; the rest is spam

Spam makes up close to 100 percent of all e-mail traffic on the Internet, according to Microsoft. In a new security report, Microsoft said that 97 percent


Download for the day - Defcon

DEFCON is a compelling online multiplayer strategy game based around the theme of global thermonuclear war. The game, inspired by the 1983 cult-classic WarGames, superbly evokes the tension, paranoia and suspicion surrounding the Cold War era.

Microsoft gets pushy with IE7

On February 12, there might be some angry IT managers who aren’t happy with Microsoft. This is because on the next “Patch Tuesday”, Microsoft is going to include Internet Explorer 7 in the list of updates and patches being pushed out to Windows computers that:

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