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December 2010

First ‘Thor’ Trailer Unveils a Different Breed of Superhero

Tony Stark is a brilliant inventor who built a suit of armor to become a mechanized warrior. Bruce Banner is a gifted scientist whose experiments turned him into a hulking monster. Peter Parker is a high school student given amazing powers by a spider bite.

July 2010

Gods Smile Upon Mighty Thor at Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO — Any doubts about Thor, the upcoming movie based on the Norse god comic book character, got seriously hammered Saturday when Marvel Studios showed off a ballsy new trailer at Comic-Con International.

June 2010

Captain America Outfit Revealed, It’s Cooler Than We Thought It Would Be

When I heard so very long ago that a Captain America movie was on the horizon my first thought was “oh dear god don’t let them destroy the outfit” after all the red, white and blue coloring is a symbol of what Captain America stands for. I’m happy to announce that a mock-up of the outfit has been spotted (pictured above) and it’s not hideous.

May 2010

Iron Man 2 Movie Review

Marvel’s most celebrated Superhero, Iron Man 2 showcases an excellent weapon loaded with minimal firepower.

May 2008

Movie Review - Iron Man

when i first heard that they are planning to film IRON MAN, i was really not sure if it was a brilliant idea. i can’t say that IRON MAN have less “recall” to viewers unlike the X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR or SPIDERMAN. maybe it’s worth a try.