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How to view hidden files in Mac OS X

There are two ways to do this, the 1st one which is the geeky way is by using a terminal, the other one is by downloading the application.

Remember Everything: Evernote

Evernote’s premise is simple: it’s a repository for data, whether that’s text files, audio notes, images, PDFs, or pretty much anything else you can grab and digitise.

Security Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

Contrary to popular belief, Mac are not immune to attacking, hacking and malware.

Security Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

Contrary to popular belief, Mac are not immune to attacking, hacking and malware. There has been an increase in Mac malware, though it’s still negligible compared with Windows malware - but security isn’t all about malware.


Make your Windows look like OS X

With all the excitement of Boot Camp, and the ability to now run Windows on a Mac, what about the rest of us? Those of us that use Windows out of necessity, and lust after a Mac yet can't afford or justify the purchase of one. What to do? Well, you can make your Windows XP PC look as much like a Mac as possible.

Top 8 OS X Safety Tips

There was a little speculation recently that McAfee had unnecessarily worried people into buying its products with the news that, from 2003 to 2005, the amount of vulnerabilities discovered on the OS X platform had increased by 228%, whereas Windows vulnerabilities discovered in the same time period had increased by only 73%. To the blind-sighted or Mac newcomers out there, this is a worrying fact, but rest assured the truth is being bent—quite a bit.

More MacBook News

ThinkSecret has been able to confirm the release of the Apple MacBook for this Tuesday, May 9th. It also looks like they will be thinner than current iBooks and come in White and Black.

Mac Vulnerability Tops List of Security Flaws

The institute said in a statement that in light of recent attacks on Apple's Safari browser, SANS experts agree that Apple's operating system, OS X , still remains safer than Windows, but its reputation for offering a bullet-proof alternative to the Microsoft OS is in tatters.

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