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November 2010

Vampire Live

In the darkness under a starry sky, you awake to find a whole new world around you. The night, previously scary and mysterious, now seems familiar and comforting. The vampire who turned you is trying to get you to join his underground vampire clan. You, however, have other plans…

May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: Improve Personal Life

Throughout our lives, we all had the desire to be all we can be, although some of us ignore this desire. Many times, we may stay in our comfort zone without realizing that we are passing up opportunities to do something that we truly enjoy. Of course, the money may be good, your bills are paid and you find it easy to work with repetition. Yet, are you happy?

April 2010

Just Discovered: A Leech With Giant Teeth That Lives In Your Nose

This is Tyrannobdella rex, a newly-discovered leech species named for its terrifying, human-looking teeth.

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