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File System Capacity Alert script

# This script can be used to # warn the users that # the file system is getting full

Debian updates install media

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The Debian project has published updated installation media for Debian 8 “Jessie”. The new media includes security updates and fixes that have been made available since Debian 8 was first released, but is not a new version of the Debian distribution.

Debian being ported to RISC-V

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There is good news for fans of the RISC-V hardware architecture. Work is being done to create a port of Debian for the RISC-V instruction set.

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS released

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The second maintenance update of the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (long-term support) release is now ready for download:


Parrot Security OS 3.3

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Palinuro has announced the release of Parrot Security OS 3.3, a new release of the project’s Debian-based, specialist distribution with a collection of utilities designed for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, hacking, privacy and cryptography:

Ubuntu Rolling HWE Kernel

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Leann Ogasawara has announced that the next point upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 will arrive in January of 2017.

Debian considers merging /usr

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The bootstrap utility for the upcoming release of Debian 9 “Stretch” will feature the ability to merge utilities from the root file system into the /usr file system.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3

Red Hat has announced the availability of a new upgrade to the company’s Enterprise Linux line of products. The new release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, is an update to the 7.x series and addresses known bugs and errata.

KNOPPIX release version 7.7.1

Klaus Knopper has announced the release KNOPPIX 7.7.1, the latest stable version of the project’s Debian-based live CD/DVD with a choice of LXDE, KDE Plasma 5.7 and GNOME Shell 3.22 desktops, together with a special edition (ADRIANE) with an audio desktop


Linux Tip for the Day: Monitoring root in the password file

One of the popularly known method of breaking into a Unix host is by inserting a uid value 0 in the /etc/passwd file which could be done in many ways including backdoors for later accesses .

Linux Tip for the Day: Kill X

Quick way to close your X login session (for SysV) for PID in `ps -u$USER | grep “fv[wm]” | awk ‘{print $1}’`; do kill -9 $PID; done Or throw it into a shell script:

Fast-boot version of Ubuntu is based on new netbook

Canonical demonstrated a fast-boot version of Ubuntu, said to launch a running browser in less than 10 seconds.

Ubuntu announces “Maverick Meerkat”

Mark Shuttleworth has revealed the code name for the next release of Ubuntu, expected to arrive in October 2010: “Our mascot for 10.10 is the Maverick Meerkat.

How Do I Scan My Linux System For Rootkits, Worms, Trojans, Etc.?

Either install the package that comes with your distribution (on Debian you would run apt-get install chkrootkit

50 Places Linux is Running That You Might Not Expect

It was not long ago when Microsoft Windows had a tight stranglehold on the operating system market.


Rebooting Because of Fork Bombs

There is nothing more frustrating for an Administrator who has to reboot system due to fork bomb

Building a Linux supercomputer using SSH and PVM

If you have a couple of old Linux boxes sitting around, then you’ve got the makings of a supercomputer. Dust them off, install Secure Shell (SSH)

NFS between Solaris & Linux

If you receive error messages such as “unknown version” when attempting to mount a Linux based NFS server from Solaris

Separate Shell Command history

One other suggestion on how to separate shell command history files by terminal (It works on HP-UX):

How To Set Up Database Replication In MySQL

This tutorial describes how to set up database replication in MySQL. MySQL replication allows you to have an exact copy of a database from a master server on another server (slave), and all updates to the database on the master server are immediately replicated to the database on the slave server so that both databases are in sync.


Linux Tip of the Day - Reset MYSQL password

If you forgot your mysql password and you have root access, just follow this steps.

Linux Tip of the Day - Transferring mulibyte files

Do you find trouble in transferring multibyte binary data files to Windows and then read through HexEditor ?

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