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April 2011

Kingdom Come Paperback

Kingdom Come is a tough book to rate. On the one hand, it does possess level of depth that sets it far above most “comic books” on the newsstand. On the other, such depths as you will find are, to be brutally honest, entirely – yes, entirely – derivative of what Alan Moore had already given us in Watchmen more than a decade earlier.

November 2010

My Kingdom

Explore the world, build settlements, trade goods and steal in My Kingdom, the real location based MMORPG. The Real world is your playing field, your iPhone is the caravan you can use to buy commodities from traders, take them with you when you move around in real life.

July 2010

Apple Apps: Palm Heroes

Palm Heroes plunges you into the world full of exciting fantasy adventures and epic battles. Lead your own armies as a barbarian orc chief, a noble knight, a mighty wizard, a fast beautiful sorceress, a warlock, or a creepy undead necromancer! It?s you who decides how to rule towns and manage resources, how to train and improve your warriors.

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