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November 2010

Five lessons for kids from Pacman vs. Margarito

Manny Pacquiao does more than make Filipino hearts swell with pride and lower the crime rate to almost zero during a fight. On a micro-scale—the family unit, the level that matters the most—he opens the opportunity for kids to learn what winning is all about, especially in this time and age when victory means crushing the enemy and gloating.

October 2010

Android Apps: Family Locator

Download the Top Rated Family Locator to track your kids, pets, and stuff. Track your family’s phones in real time on a map or get a GPS Tracking Device for your pet.

July 2010

Apple Apps: Save Teddy!

Oh no! Teddy has wandered off and finds himself dangling dangerously from a balloon. Only you can save him by getting him safely to the comfy basket below. You can use fun balloons to bounce around and get to the basket, but beware of the crows though, they are trying to peck the stuffing out of poor Teddy!

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