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19 June 2010

Sound Touch


18 June 2010

FemCal Lite: Period and Ovulation Calendar

FemCal Lite is the easy, portable way to track your cycles. Easily track menstrual symptoms, medications, notes, tests and more. FemCal Lite estimates when your next few periods will start and puts an icon in the calendar. Never be surprised by your period again.

17 June 2010

Apple Apps: Dog Wallpaper

Dog Wallpaper displays a slideshow of dogs from around the world and by leading photographers — you?ve NEVER seen a collection like this! Some of the renowned photographers include Bee Thalin and Pete Markhams of Flickr fame.

Apple Apps: Bogee Expedition

This game is about a great adventure of Bogee, an anthropology student sent to explore wild and dangerous tribes on the edges of the civilized world. His primary task is to find artifacts of native life, but also he would like to collect all the valuable items and tasty fruits of exotic lands along the way ? just as any other smart student would.

15 June 2010

Apple Apps: Sales Control Free

Lite version fully functionally allow to run 10 transaction so you can make sure it works good for your business. Sales control is the most complete application to do sales on the go. These are some of the activities you can do, for more information visit us at

14 June 2010

Apple Apps: hideHere

Do you want to hide a face or personal information on pictures when you upload them to a photo sharing site, like Flickr? “hideHere” allows you to overlay a picture with mosaic effect or a stamp. You can save edited pictures into Photo Library of iPhone/iPod touch.

13 June 2010

Apple Apps: Archie Comics

Now you can get all your Archie Comics in ONE APPLICATION! Featuring over 50 Archie titles – Archie Comics is a family friendly, safe application, that has some of your favorite characters! Download 4 FREE Archie Comics (Featuring Archie, Chuck Clayton, Sabrina, and Young Salem) – then get more digital comics with new releases all the time!

12 June 2010

Apple Apps: Astroidica

You are an intergalactic deep space salvager. Roam the star system collecting space junk and destroy dangerous asteroids with your blaster. Avoid large planets that might be in your way. Look out for hostile space stations and homing space mines. Avoid the dying core star which illuminates the star system.

11 June 2010

Apple Apps: WaveComposer

WaveComposer is a pocketable studio for professional use where you can create music with flexibility and is offered at low price with a variety of functions, including rhythm machine, sampler, and wave editor functions.

10 June 2010

Apple Apps: iMemento Flashcards Lite

Create your own flashcards easily on your Mac or PC and transfer them to your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad for further studying. iMemento lets you take your flashcards with you where ever you go.

09 June 2010

Apple Apps: Colorful Aquarium

Colorful Aquarium is an simulation game, which can make your iPhone/iPod touch into a fully customized aquarium, beautifully realistic images and lovely fish will make you relax and pleasure.

08 June 2010

Watch the iPhone 4 video

Engineered Glass All the breakthrough technology in iPhone 4 is situated between two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass — the same type of glass used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains. Chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, the glass is ultradurable and more scratch resistant than ever. It’s also recyclable.

Apple Apps: Trans Voice

Trans Voice can change your voice gender in real-time! It affords separate control of pitch and formant in real-time(low latency).

WWDC 2010: iPhone 4 On Sale on June 24th Starting At $199

Jobs has just completed outlining all of the iPhone 4’s revolutionary new features. Now to reveal what it’ll cost your wallet.

06 June 2010

Apple Apps: Mojo-Scanner

Scan your friends to see how much Mojo they got going on. Mojo-Scanner is a fun trick to play on your friends. You secretly control Mojo-Scanner to go off when you point it at your friends. It pings like a radar as you scan your friends and you choose when the alarm sounds indicating the presence of Mojo. It always gets a laugh.

05 June 2010

Apple Apps: Chess Champion

Chess Champion is a feature rich, highly competitive chess game engine designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch users.

04 June 2010

Apple Apps: Stickbound FREE

Play the newest and most ADDICTIVE stick jumping game ever!

03 June 2010

Apple Apps: Toy Raid

Toy Raid Is and Exciting casual fun arcade game with simple and fun controls that can be just picked up and played easily by all.

02 June 2010

Watch Steve Jobs D8 Interview Video

On Flash and Adobe: On the missing iPhone: On iAds restrictions: On Google and Android:

01 June 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: Sang royal Vol.1 HD

For all the fans of Sang royal, discover the animated version of the first volume of the brand new series ‘Sang royal’. Another great digital comic, animated by Ave!Comics.

31 May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: Improve Personal Life

Throughout our lives, we all had the desire to be all we can be, although some of us ignore this desire. Many times, we may stay in our comfort zone without realizing that we are passing up opportunities to do something that we truly enjoy. Of course, the money may be good, your bills are paid and you find it easy to work with repetition. Yet, are you happy?

30 May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: Shape Escape

This is as cheap as you will ever find it! 300 hand-made puzzles for the same price as a 190 calorie 4-piece chicken nugget!!! Whoa! Can’t get any better than this.

28 May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: VoiceKeyboard HD

Create your own Grand Piano, Cat Piano, Dog Piano, Bird Piano or any Piano from sounds you record. Create an unlimited number of Piano’s on the spot anywhere. Just record your own sounds, and play them on the keyboard as an instrument! You are not stuck with the “stock” set of sounds that come with it. Just record the sound you want into it and play away! Record anything you think sounds good then turn it into something musical and creative.

27 May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: Pregnancy Companion

Written and developed by two board certified OB/GYNs, Pregnancy Companion™ is the most comprehensive pregnancy app made for busy moms-to-be who want a doctor’s advice and pregnancy tracking tools at their fingertips.

26 May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: 99 Happy Paintings

Check out Greatest and Most Expensive Paintings FREE for a limited period 365 Great Paintings – A Painting a day Calendar 2010 Art-Paintings Wildlife Calendar 2010

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