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January 2011

Andorid Apps: Horror Run

Horror Run is a an addicting side scrolling action game. You assume the role of a damsel in distress who was abandoned in a haunted graveyard. You need to survive all the horrors in your path while collecting as many treasures as possible – The goal is to score the highest number of points before the enemies get you!

December 2010

iOS Apps: Movie Challenge

Presenting “Movie Challenge”, the most engaging and best selling Movie Trivia experience available on iPhone OS. Much more than multiple-choice, trickier than True or False, the varied and unique Game Types that make up “Movie Challenge” will keep you coming back for more.

November 2010

Blade of Betrayal (iAd edition)

Get ready for the premiere retro action-platformer for the iPhone, now available in a FREE iAd supported version! You are Spencer Corinth on a journey to uncover the mystery behind your father’s death. Run, jump and slash your way to the truth in this non-stop tale of betrayal and vengeance.

June 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: Sang royal Vol.1 HD

For all the fans of Sang royal, discover the animated version of the first volume of the brand new series ‘Sang royal’. Another great digital comic, animated by Ave!Comics.

May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: BioDefense HD

Explore the wastelands of BioDefense HD in this unique release from Resolution Interactive that will revolutionize strategy games on the iPad platform.

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