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November 2010

Rage HD

RAGE comes to your mobile device with the hit of the wastelands, Mutant Bash TV! This intense first-person rail shooter casts you in the starring role of a post-apocalyptic game show where youll be stalked by hungry mutants while you scour pulse-pounding levels for ammo and cash pick-ups. Make a deal with J.K Stiles, the shows menacing host, and see if you have what it takes to survive this carnage-filled carnival of death!

June 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: Sang royal Vol.1 HD

For all the fans of Sang royal, discover the animated version of the first volume of the brand new series ‘Sang royal’. Another great digital comic, animated by Ave!Comics.

May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: BioDefense HD

Explore the wastelands of BioDefense HD in this unique release from Resolution Interactive that will revolutionize strategy games on the iPad platform.

April 2010

Wipe, Delete, and Securely Destroy Your Hard Drive’s Data the Easy Way

Giving a computer to somebody else? Maybe you’re putting it out on Craigslist to sell to a stranger—either way, you’ll want to make sure that your drive is completely wiped, scrubbed, and clean of any personal data. Here’s the easy way to do it.

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