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Ubuntu Rolling HWE Kernel

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Leann Ogasawara has announced that the next point upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 will arrive in January of 2017.


Discover the value in budget

Not everyone wants the biggest, baddest, and most expensive hardware. If you’re buying your very first notebook or have modest computing needs, you’re probably looking at value over performance.

WWDC 2010: iPhone 4 On Sale on June 24th Starting At $199

Jobs has just completed outlining all of the iPhone 4’s revolutionary new features. Now to reveal what it’ll cost your wallet.

Demonoid Down: Hardware Problems and Site Loading Too Slow

For almost a week now, the super awesome torrent site Demonoid has been down. While others can still connect, they are still complaining because it’s terribly slow and the site is almost not loading at all.


Apple Insider Leaks Ultra-Portable Details

An Apple insider told Wired today that the company’s new ultraportable, expected to be seen in public for the first time tomorrow, has an extremely thin profile and is shaped like a teardrop when closed — thicker at the top behind the screen, tapering at the bottom behind the keyboard.


Intel stays on dual-core track through 2008

The company plans to release two dual-core chips in 2008, around the same time it introduces its 45-nanometer manufacturing technology, according to sources familiar with Intel's plans. Intel has disclosed plans for 2007 to build a quad-core desktop processor called Kentsfield, but expects to break in the 45-nanometer manufacturing technology with familiar dual-core chips.

Myth or reality: Is the fax dead?

Leading developer of network security, GFI, today released a report on how companies can streamline faxing technology to improve employee productivity. The report examines the costs involved in manual faxing and estimates that the average yearly cost for businesses sending 50 faxes per day is $26,000.

New Toshiba HD-DVD player is really a Pentium 4 PC

Toshiba has fired a shot in the war between formats to have high definition on a disc. Their HD-A1 player hit the shelves earlier this week, and has been met with fairly good reviews overall. Being interested in the format, I decided to hunt around and find an available player to go and check out. After bringing one back to the office, I took a little look under the hood to see what goes into a high definition DVD player.

Blu-Ray burners surface

The first Blu-Ray drives and players are already appearing, so it should of no surprise that burners are already here, they do cost a mean penny though, as all new-format drives do, expect to pay more than 1000$ for each of them, of course if you wait around 6 months, you'll probably be paying a tenth of that, and for a faster drive.

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