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Parrot Security OS 3.3

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Palinuro has announced the release of Parrot Security OS 3.3, a new release of the project’s Debian-based, specialist distribution with a collection of utilities designed for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, hacking, privacy and cryptography:

The WordPress megahack that wasn’t

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Since 2013, WordPress has been updating itself, which is a good thing.


Cooking, computers and hacking: School accused of global scam

Depending on your perspective, Lanxiang vocational school in Jinan in eastern China is either the heart of a secretive global hacking conspiracy or a second-rate educational factory that is best known for churning out hairdressers and cooks.


Schools in China Say They Weren’t Behind Hacking

Two prominent schools in China dispute allegations that hacking attacks on Google and other firms originated from them, a report said Saturday.


Techs caught red-handed hacking into customers’ laptops

Several computer repair outlets in the UK have been left red-faced after their employees were caught on camera hacking into customers’ private details and trying to charge for unnecessary repairs.

Teens are happy hacking for cash

If you thought that the spotty teen hacker working from a back bedroom was an outdated stereotype now that organised cybercrime is big business, think again.


Hacking tools

To better understand—and, consequently, to better ensure—network security, it always pays to understand the tools of the attackers. Darknet lists 15 essential hacking tools:

Viruses and hackers cost UK business £10bn a year

Security breaches from computer viruses, hacker attacks and staff misuse of the internet are costing British business £10bn a year, according to a DTI backed report published yesterday.

Beware wireless hacking

SECURITY experts are warning internet users of a new threat to their computer systems, with thieves gaining access to other people's broadband from unsecured wireless networks in homes and businesses.

Hacking Video - Education Or Marketing Tool?

This video, part of a sales and marketing strategy (Or, maybe just public awareness and education) to sell a product called Fiberlink Extend360, literally walks you through the steps you need to take to hack a PC on a wireless network. Not only is it demonstrated in video, it is fully narrated.

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