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Another Massive DDoS Closes Out 2016, But Mirai Not To Blame

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This past year has been one for the record books when it comes to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, so it is only proper that 2016 closes out with news of another massive DDoS attack, reported by Imperva researchers. According to them, the Imperva Incapsula network was forced to mitigate a 650 Gbps DDoS attack just a few days before Christmas.

Hackers Are Using MailChimp to Spread Malware

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You probably know MailChimp either as an email newsletter service, or the company that seems to have adverts on every single podcast you’ve ever listened to.


Computer Hackers Getting Their Own Reality Show

It seems like just about everyone is getting a reality show. “Real” housewives, ex-strippers, repo-men, Hawaiian bounty hunters, power gays in New York, and folks competing to be videogame testers are just a few of the folks that have TV crews following them around these days.


Hackers attack with digital kung-fu, demand taekwondo gold medal

After the disqualification of a female athlete who was headed toward a gold medal and could literally kick the snot out of most of us in real life, hackers attacked and it turned into an online fight of digital kung-fu.

Lookout Mobile Security is a great free antivirus for Android

An Android device is a sensitive thing; it’s hooked up to your Google account, and there are tons of apps out there. While Android does let you know what an app will be able to access (“SD Card” etc.), it has no built-in mechanism for telling the genuinely useful applications from the ones that are out to get you.

Hackers attack Philippine government website

MANILA (AFP) – – The Philippines on Sunday ordered all government offices to tighten Internet security after its main information website was brought down by hackers.

Hack attack targets 4.3 million online CVs

The personal details of 4.3 million job seekers may have been compromised in a “concerted and sophisticated” hack attack on Trinity Mirror’s recruitment sites.

Facebook Rolls Out New Login Security Features

Facebook is now one of the most popular targets for phishers, hackers and scammers.

‘Cyberwar’ A Misused Term

Some officials and computer security companies are arguing that the World Wide Web is battlefield in a “cyberwar” that has armies of hackers stealing online secrets and using the Internet to attack the mainframe of many real world companies.

Hackers deface 5th govt Web site, mock automated polls

Another government Web site was found defaced Sunday night – the fifth attack since last month.

5 Facebook Scams You Should Protect Yourself From

As Facebook has grown in popularity, it has also become a primary target for hackers and spammers. An increasing number of Facebook users are having their accounts compromised.


Hackers who caused Internet failure arrested

Four suspects who allegedly caused an Internet failure in six provinces and autonomous regions of China on May 19 were arrested in Jiangsu Province, Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday.

Superhacker Max Butler Pleads Guilty

PITTSBURGH — A skilled San Francisco-based computer hacker who once sought to unite the cyber underworld under his benign rule pleaded guilty to federal wire fraud charges here Monday

One in four companies report attacks via social networking sites

A recent Sophos poll revealed that 63 per cent of system administrators worry that employees share too much personal information via their social networking profiles, putting their corporate infrastructure


Weak passwords leave firms open to hackers

Poor password policy management is leaving firms open to hacking attacks, a survey published today at Infosec Europe 2006 has warned.

Viruses and hackers cost UK business £10bn a year

Security breaches from computer viruses, hacker attacks and staff misuse of the internet are costing British business £10bn a year, according to a DTI backed report published yesterday.

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