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20 June 2010

Hippo Chomp LITE

Introducing HIPPO CHOMP! A ball-hunting game on steroids mixed with colorful graphics, rich animation and old-school control system. The objective is to grab as many balls as you can until the golden ball is released. Once the Gold ball has been released you have a limited amount of time to capture it. Unlike the regular balls, the Gold ball must be hit with a spit ball first (pressing the red button) before a capture is possible. Game ends when you successfully capture the gold ball or run out of time!

12 June 2010

Apple Apps: Astroidica

You are an intergalactic deep space salvager. Roam the star system collecting space junk and destroy dangerous asteroids with your blaster. Avoid large planets that might be in your way. Look out for hostile space stations and homing space mines. Avoid the dying core star which illuminates the star system.

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