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Hackers Are Using MailChimp to Spread Malware

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You probably know MailChimp either as an email newsletter service, or the company that seems to have adverts on every single podcast you’ve ever listened to.


Facebook Upgrades E-Mail to ‘Modern Messaging System’

Facebook is seeking to replace e-mail with what it calls a “modern messaging system” that combines all the ways people send messages — including e-mail, IM and SMS — into a single interface. It’s a clear assault on Google and and its popular “social” application — Gmail.

Rumor: MobileMe To Drop Subscription Fee

MobileMe may be the one Apple product I’ve never been tempted enough to at least consider pulling the trigger on.

Steve Jobs Emails: Notes Syncing Coming To MobileMe

Steve Jobs is at it again — emailing Apple customers with answers to their questions. This one was sent to by reader Paul Greenberg, who asked Jobs about a missing MobileMe feature that’s been bugging him for three years: the inability to sync notes via MobileMe.

May 4, 2000: Tainted ‘Love’ Infects Computers

2000: The “I Love You” virus spreads to 55 million computers around the world. The damage reaches billions of dollars.

Don’t Allow Your PC to Become a “Malware Mule”

Did you know that cyber criminals can trade your e-mail account? Yes, that’s right. According to the latest Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report, these evil people buy and sell hacked e-mail accounts.


Microsoft: 3% of e-mail is stuff we want; the rest is spam

Spam makes up close to 100 percent of all e-mail traffic on the Internet, according to Microsoft. In a new security report, Microsoft said that 97 percent

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