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March 2011

Android Apps: Walk and Text

Works on any devices 1.5 and above, yes even on the G1! The features at a glance: – Full 80 character QWERTY keyboard! – The Camera preview is being displayed while you walk and text. Click send and share the text with any client installed on your device (Email, Text Message, Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter Twidroid, Twigee, Gmail etc.) – You can change the background and color of the text you type or stop the camera while writing.

November 2010

The unvarnished truth about unsecured Wi-Fi

Chances are you don’t leave your front door unlocked. And you shouldn’t leave your Wi-Fi network unsecured either.

October 2010

Android Apps: Family Locator

Download the Top Rated Family Locator to track your kids, pets, and stuff. Track your family’s phones in real time on a map or get a GPS Tracking Device for your pet.

June 2010

WWDC 2010: iPhone 4 On Sale on June 24th Starting At $199

Jobs has just completed outlining all of the iPhone 4’s revolutionary new features. Now to reveal what it’ll cost your wallet.

May 2010

Apple sells 2 million iPads in less than 60 days

(CNET) — Apple says that it has sold more than 2 million iPads since the device debuted April 3rd. It’s safe to assume that the vast majority of those sales came from the U.S. market, as the iPad only just went on sale last weekend in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K. Apple didn’t say how many iPads were sold internationally.

April 2010

Google Cloud Print Will Allow Printing From Any Device to Any Printer, Anywhere

Computer users who hate installing a new driver for each printer they use might want to keep an eye on the Google Cloud Print project.

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