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31 May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: Improve Personal Life

Throughout our lives, we all had the desire to be all we can be, although some of us ignore this desire. Many times, we may stay in our comfort zone without realizing that we are passing up opportunities to do something that we truly enjoy. Of course, the money may be good, your bills are paid and you find it easy to work with repetition. Yet, are you happy?

30 May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: Shape Escape

This is as cheap as you will ever find it! 300 hand-made puzzles for the same price as a 190 calorie 4-piece chicken nugget!!! Whoa! Can’t get any better than this.

22 May 2010

Apple Apps for the Day: The Artist – Vincent van Gogh

Apple Apps for the Day: The Artist – Vincent van Gogh May 23, 2010 By Adrian Price: $2.99 -> $.99, Version: 1.1 (iTunes) Description: The Artist – Vincent van Gogh. “Vincent Willem van Gogh (30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890) was a Dutch Post-Impressionist artist. He was a pioneer of Expressionism with enormous influence on 20th century art, especially on the Fauves and German Expressionists. Some of his paintings are now among the world’s best known,

30 April 2010

Microsoft Investigates SharePoint 2007 Zero Day

Microsoft is scrambling to fix a bug in its SharePoint 2007 groupware after a Swiss firm abruptly released code that could be used in an attack.

23 April 2010

10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Go Green for Earth Day

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, we thought it fitting to compile a list of free green-inspired iPhone apps that promote continued environmental awareness.

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