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Brace Yourself for Kaspersky’s “Hack-proof” Operating System

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Kaspersky is a security software developer and cyber security firm that is trusted by people globally. So, when the company states that it has created a hack-proof operating system, users are bound to feel overjoyed.


Android Apps: Dynomaster

Dynomaster provides the following features: * Record the following track data: position, speed, acceleration, altitude, bearing, absolute time, elapsed times, and power (HP or kW). * Record your data using multiple trigger modes: by movement, countdown, by speed, by sportsman tree, or by pro tree. * View 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, and 60 foot ETs. Create your own custom speed or distance ETs.


Android Apps: Barcode Scanner

Scan barcodes on products then look up prices and reviews. You can also scan Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc.

Weight+Bmi Watcher 2 Lite

Weight, body mass index and fat tracker with data analysis and ideal calculator. To loose or increase weight has never been easier.

Wipe, Delete, and Securely Destroy Your Hard Drive’s Data the Easy Way

Giving a computer to somebody else? Maybe you’re putting it out on Craigslist to sell to a stranger—either way, you’ll want to make sure that your drive is completely wiped, scrubbed, and clean of any personal data. Here’s the easy way to do it.


Interview: Apple’s Gigantic New Data Center Hints at Cloud Computing

Google’s Eric Schmidt “resigned” from Apple’s board because Chrome and Android were encroaching on Apple’s core business, or so Steve Jobs says.

Network Solutions Suffers Large Data Breach – 500k cards ripped

For nearly three months, malware planted by hackers on servers operated by Network Solutions intercepted more than 573,000 credit and debt card numbers used to services rendered by the domain registration and hosting service provide.

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