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I received an email from and I want to share it with you guys.

Pirate Party asks Anonymous to halt DDoS attacks

The Pirate Party is asking cyber activists associated with Anonymous to halt a campaign of ongoing DDoS attacks against various organizations, businesses and government offices.

Crooks prey on young online

ONE in 10 Australian internet users – more than 1.3 million people – lost an average of $1000 each to cyber criminals in the past 12 months.

Philippine wrestles with ‘Jejemon’ cyber-dialect

The Philippines is wrestling with what authorities say is a language monster invading youth-speak in Internet social networks and mobile phone text messaging. The phenomenon has triggered enormous social debate, with the government declaring an “all out war” against the cyber-dialect, called ‘jejemon’, but the Catholic church defending it as a form of free expression.

‘Cyberwar’ A Misused Term

Some officials and computer security companies are arguing that the World Wide Web is battlefield in a “cyberwar” that has armies of hackers stealing online secrets and using the Internet to attack the mainframe of many real world companies.

Man Indicted for ‘Cyber-Extortion’ Threat Against Insurance Firm

A California man was hit with an extortion charge this week for allegedly threatening to send out millions of e-mails criticizing his insurance company, if the firm didn’t pay him as much as $3 million.

Dalai Lama Becomes Target of Cyber Espionage

Even the Dalai Lama isn’t safe from hackers. Unknown cyber spies, most them operating from computer servers located in the People’s Republic of China, used cloud computing systems, social networking platforms and free web hosting services to steal sensitive and classified materials belonging to the United Nations, Indian National Security Council Secretariat, the Embassy of Pakistan in the United States, New York University and the Offices of the Dalai Lama, among others.


Web Attacks Expand in Iran’s Cyber Battle

More and more of Iran’s pro-government websites are under assault, as opposition forces launch web attacks on the Tehran regime’s online propaganda arms.

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