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Computer Hackers Getting Their Own Reality Show

It seems like just about everyone is getting a reality show. “Real” housewives, ex-strippers, repo-men, Hawaiian bounty hunters, power gays in New York, and folks competing to be videogame testers are just a few of the folks that have TV crews following them around these days.


The unvarnished truth about unsecured Wi-Fi

Chances are you don’t leave your front door unlocked. And you shouldn’t leave your Wi-Fi network unsecured either.

Russian Hacker Bust: Is the FBI Chasing Mules?

The FBI wanted poster looks like a yearbook page from a Russian provincial college. Seventeen men and women from Eastern Europe, mostly between the ages of 19 and 22, with bad skin, nerdy haircuts and no resemblance to your stereotypical bank robbers.

‘Cyberwar’ A Misused Term

Some officials and computer security companies are arguing that the World Wide Web is battlefield in a “cyberwar” that has armies of hackers stealing online secrets and using the Internet to attack the mainframe of many real world companies.

How to create your own computer forensics kit on a USB drive

The super-sleuth detectives in TV show CSI have some very nifty tools to help solve crimes. But the need to keep things interesting and wrap the show up in an hour means the technology used in each episode bears little resemblance to the work of real forensic experts.

Apple’s iPad: One Small Step for Tablets, One Giant Leap for Personal Computers

On the eve of the launch of Apple’s iPad, I am thinking of Ed Roberts. He never became a household name, but as the man behind the Altair computer — a kit for lunatic tech hobbyists released in 1975 — he was responsible for launching the microcomputer era.


Building a Linux supercomputer using SSH and PVM

If you have a couple of old Linux boxes sitting around, then you’ve got the makings of a supercomputer. Dust them off, install Secure Shell (SSH)


5 Steps to clean up your computer files

In this article, I’ll go over the basics for sorting through and organizing your computer files, making a backup of them, and deleting those you don’t need. I’m only addressing those files that you actively have a hand in creating. If you want to remove software from your computer, read Do a clean sweep of your computer: How to safely remove software and files from your PC.

Things to Look for when Buying a New Computer

This article will address both desktops and notebooks but the examples that are dealt in the article are mainly desktops. I am just going to scan the software surface and when I say software, I mean windows and not any other OS.

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