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December 2010

First ‘Thor’ Trailer Unveils a Different Breed of Superhero

Tony Stark is a brilliant inventor who built a suit of armor to become a mechanized warrior. Bruce Banner is a gifted scientist whose experiments turned him into a hulking monster. Peter Parker is a high school student given amazing powers by a spider bite.

July 2010

Gods Smile Upon Mighty Thor at Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO — Any doubts about Thor, the upcoming movie based on the Norse god comic book character, got seriously hammered Saturday when Marvel Studios showed off a ballsy new trailer at Comic-Con International.

May 2010

First Official Look at Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Amidst all the brouhaha surrounding Iron Man 2, Marvel would also like to remind fans that the next movie to be released will be Thor, and the best way to do that was to finally reveal what Chris Hemsworth looks like as the Norse thunder god.