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March 2011

iOS Apps: Lil’ Pirates

Avast ya scallywags! Drop anchor and prepare to be boarded. There be Lil’ Pirates in these waters! Amass your perfect crew and craft the finest ship as you set sail for adventure and plunder as the captain of your own pirate vessel. From a modest beginning you’ll transform your ship into an object of fear and envy and amass a fortune fit for a king.

October 2010

Apple Apps: The Legend of Imperial Defence Free

The player became the Imperial Army commander, Place the tower and the barrier to prevent from entering in enemy forces.

June 2010

Captain America Outfit Revealed, It’s Cooler Than We Thought It Would Be

When I heard so very long ago that a Captain America movie was on the horizon my first thought was “oh dear god don’t let them destroy the outfit” after all the red, white and blue coloring is a symbol of what Captain America stands for. I’m happy to announce that a mock-up of the outfit has been spotted (pictured above) and it’s not hideous.

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