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March 2011

Android Apps: College Calculator: MathPac

MathPac offers: On-Screen Help, & Word prompts…Graphs w/Evaluate, Zoom, Pan, Trace, Min, Max, Intercepts, Intersections, Tableview, dy/dx, Limits, Integrals Also Factors, Slope-EQ, Sequences, Sums, Matrix Operations, Regressions, Complex numbers, Degrees & Radians, and a TVM Solver for those business applications.

July 2010

Apple Apps: MOX

Datatel MOX?, powered by DUB, is the only app that puts the complete higher education experience right in the palm of your hand. With MOX, you have anytime access to all the important information you need to be successful at your college or university?courses, contacts, events, notifications, news, maps, friends, and more.

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