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December 2010

Google’s Macbook Air: Say Hello To CR-48

Chrome started life as a browser, now it’s an OS. Well, sort of an OS. If you’re only running one application, you don’t need much OS.

If Web Browsers Were Celebrities [Infographic]

It’s been a while since we looked at the sky and actually saw real birds. It seems like all winged creatures have been reduced to a blue chubby digital one. Similarly, telling a joke these days consists of sending friends a link to a hilarious YouTube video, and our new concept of “mayor” is even more unstable than in real politics.

May 2010

Google I/O Will Be Chrome’s Time to Shine

In the year and a half since it first emerged, Google’s Chrome browser has matured from a thinner-than-air experiment that only ran on Windows into a stable, full-featured browser that works on all major operating systems and is available in 50 languages.

January 2010

Chrome Version 4.0 for Windows released

Google has announced version 4.0 of its browser Chrome. Available for Windows only, it fixes 13 bugs and improves synchronization of extensions.

July 2009

Microsoft to Bundle Firefox and Chrome with Windows?

In its effort to detangle itself from the ongoing proceedings of the European Union antitrust case, it seems Microsoft is offering to include rival web browsers in the Windows OS. Revealed in a statement by the European Commission, Microsoft offered to give consumers a choice of browser installation through a browser ballot screen. New computer owners running Windows may get a chance to choose their browsers form a variety of software makers.

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