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Switcher: Android joins the ‘attack-the-router’ club

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Recently, in our never-ending quest to protect the world from malware, we found a misbehaving Android trojan.


Chinese retailers hijack the Ikea experience

KUNMING, China (Reuters) – Nestled in a sleepy southern district of Kunming city in southwest China, is a 10,000 square meter, four-story building that could make Swedish furniture giant Ikea uneasy.

China bus blaze ‘kills 41′

A fire on an overcrowded bus carrying flammable materials killed 41 passengers in central China on Friday, state television reported, in one of the country’s worst road accidents this year.

Migrant Worker Beats Wife in Public for “Not Listening”

July 4th noon, Zhejiang province Jinhua City on Hepanqiao Road, a man because of a triviality violently beat his wife.

Yahoo! poll shows Filipinos willing to boycott China-made goods

The controversy over the so-called Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea (which is also called the South China Sea) has driven calls for a boycott on Chinese-made products.

US also alarmed by China’s intrusions: AFP chief

MANILA, Philippines – The United States is also alarmed by China’s intrusions into Philippine territory, Armed Forces chief of staff Gen. Eduardo Oban said on Thursday.

Cooking, computers and hacking: School accused of global scam

Depending on your perspective, Lanxiang vocational school in Jinan in eastern China is either the heart of a secretive global hacking conspiracy or a second-rate educational factory that is best known for churning out hairdressers and cooks.

Man behind ‘Great Firewall of China’ pelted with eggs

The man known as the father of the so-called “Great Firewall of China” was pelted with eggs and shoes by a students protesting against China’s draconian online censorship regime, online reports in China claimed.

Google accuses China of interfering with Gmail

Google has accused the Chinese government of interfering with its popular Gmail email system. The move follows extensive attempts by the Chinese authorities to crack down on the “jasmine revolution” – an online dissident movement inspired by events in the Middle East.


Bunny-crushing videos stir outrage online

BEIJING (AFP) – A group of “crush fetishists” has caused an online storm in China after uploading graphic videos showing attractive young Chinese women crushing small rabbits.

Pirates rewrite script for Apple’s China iPad launch

Just three weeks after the global launch, bootleg versions of Apple Inc’s hot-selling iPad tablet PCs have begun showing up on the shelves of online and real-world shops in piracy-prone China.

Schools in China Say They Weren’t Behind Hacking

Two prominent schools in China dispute allegations that hacking attacks on Google and other firms originated from them, a report said Saturday.


First SMS Worm: Made in China

Ah another first, and once again China is at the forefront! We recently reported about a Chinese company sharing their huge malware database and now a group of Chinese companies has managed to develop the first SMS worm!

China delays Internet filter: state media

China has delayed a plan requiring that all new computers come with a Chinese-made Internet filtering software programme, state media reported Tuesday, hours before it was to take effect.

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