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September 2011

Android Apps: Formulae Pro

The extended version of Formulae, a physical sciences reference app. This app is suitable for people who want to study chemistry or maths on the go, or are just a little forgetful with all those important formulas! Contains chemistry and maths content, including functional groups, named reactions (including mechanisms) and, of course, loads of equations.

March 2011

Android Apps: College Calculator: MathPac

MathPac offers: On-Screen Help, & Word prompts…Graphs w/Evaluate, Zoom, Pan, Trace, Min, Max, Intercepts, Intersections, Tableview, dy/dx, Limits, Integrals Also Factors, Slope-EQ, Sequences, Sums, Matrix Operations, Regressions, Complex numbers, Degrees & Radians, and a TVM Solver for those business applications.

June 2010

Air Milage Calculator

A tool which calculates the distance between airports around the world. So you can check how much frequent traveler miles you will get for your flight.

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