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June 2011

Android Apps: Easy Envelope Budget Aid

EEBA (the Easy Envelope Budget Aid) keeps you on budget with virtual envelopes! EEBA is a personal/household finance app for money management and budget tracking.

February 2011

Sam Black’s Tempered Steel

I saw this deck in the building in a budget list. If I have extra time I will build this deck. I couldn’t help but get excited about the deck.

January 2011

Review: Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS 15, a desktop-replacement laptop, is a wonderland of lavish features and cutting-edge components. It is simply one of the best laptops I’ve tested. And it can fit like a glove; most of its parts are customizable, so the XPS 15 can be completely over-the-top if you want, or priced to meet a certain budget.

December 2010

Discover the value in budget

Not everyone wants the biggest, baddest, and most expensive hardware. If you’re buying your very first notebook or have modest computing needs, you’re probably looking at value over performance.

A Quick Budget Notebook Checklist

Weight: Mainstream notebooks aren’t designed to be thin and light, but anything over 2.5kg will be a pain to carry around.

July 2010

Penny Saved

Penny Saved not only helps you budget your money… It helps you save your money!

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