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10 tips for improving your wireless network

1. Add a Wireless Repeater/Access Point to extend the range of your wireless network. Of course, extending the wireless network without wires is

WordPress blogs hit with mass malware attack

Hundreds of WordPress blogs, particularly those hosted by Network Solutions, have been hit with an attack that cripples the blogs and redirects visitors to a URL that loads malware.

How Do I Scan My Linux System For Rootkits, Worms, Trojans, Etc.?

Either install the package that comes with your distribution (on Debian you would run apt-get install chkrootkit

Where do the IP addresses come from?

You used to have to set up ip addresses, netmasks, gateways, and name resolvers all manually. Refer to any basic networking text to learn more about this aspect.

15 Signs that you are addicted to Mac

1. You bring a Mac with you wherever you go. 2. You subscribe to a Mac blogs such as Cult of Mac, Wired, and Macworld. 3. Every time a friend or relative complains about their computer being slow due to spyware, adware and viruses, you tell them to use Mac.

Want more blog traffic? Tweet all your blog posts.

A recent HubSpot survey found that small businesses that blog have 102% more Twitter followers than those that don’t.


WordPress 2.8 Release Candidate 1

According to the official WordPress blog, WordPress 2.8 Release Candidate 1 was officially released about an hour ago. Here is their release candidate 1 official announcement:

Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD

The FreeAgent Theater HD from Seagate is a media player designed to work with the FreeAgent Go portable hard drive.

Microsoft: 3% of e-mail is stuff we want; the rest is spam

Spam makes up close to 100 percent of all e-mail traffic on the Internet, according to Microsoft. In a new security report, Microsoft said that 97 percent

FileMaker Pro 10

The database software FileMaker Pro 10 comes with a redesigned customisable Status Toolbar where commonly used features are easily accessible.

LG GD910 Spy Time

Like something out of a Dick Tracy comic book, the LG GD910 makes history by being the world’s first 3G wristwatch phone.

The XFX GeForce GTX 295

The XFX GeForce GTX 295 is equivalent to two GTX 260 cards in memory size and frequency, and its raw shader processing power is similar to that of two GTX 280 cards;

How To Set Up Database Replication In MySQL

This tutorial describes how to set up database replication in MySQL. MySQL replication allows you to have an exact copy of a database from a master server on another server (slave), and all updates to the database on the master server are immediately replicated to the database on the slave server so that both databases are in sync.

Set to be huge Nokia N97

What do you get if you take the touchscreen from a 5800 Xpress and slap it on a Nokia N Series mobile?

Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

Despite spectacular visuals and sporadic thrills, Monsters vs. Aliens lacks the consistent fun, inventiveness, wit and big-heartedness found in superior, unforgettable CGI action-adventures such as The Incredibles.

Roach says Hatton out in nine minutes

MANILA, Philippines - Freddie Roach is giving Manny Pacquiao nine minutes to put Ricky Hatton away on May 2 in Las Vegas.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Concept: The amazingly recuperative fighting machine with retractable claws known as Wolverine, gets his own violent backstory in this prequel to the X-Men movie trilogy. Wolverine navigates his dicey relationship with mastermind Victor Creed and the Weapon X program as a parade of mutants old and new gives the rage-filled Wolverine more reasons to get ticked off.

15 Signs that you are addicted to Mac

Here are 15 signs that you are addicted to Mac…


Linux Tip of the Day - Reset MYSQL password

If you forgot your mysql password and you have root access, just follow this steps.

Movie Review - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Nowadays, sequels to movies are not as good as their predecessors.But ‘Prince Caspian’ proved it wrong.It’s better than ‘The Lion,the Witch, and the Wardrobe’, though it does lack some of LWW’s charms.

Linux Tip of the Day - Transferring mulibyte files

Do you find trouble in transferring multibyte binary data files to Windows and then read through HexEditor ?

Movie Review - Iron Man

when i first heard that they are planning to film IRON MAN, i was really not sure if it was a brilliant idea. i can’t say that IRON MAN have less “recall” to viewers unlike the X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR or SPIDERMAN. maybe it’s worth a try.

Movie Review - The Forbidden Kingdom

It really is an explosive film having both Jet Li and Jackie Chan in a film. Their fight scenes together will really make you move as you watch them. The comedy scenes are really funny like those in their previous Chinese Kung Fu films.

Linux Tip of the Day - Find and edit strings

Ever found a need to find for a particular string across the file system and edit all those files which contains that particular string?? Here is a simple way.

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