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May 2010

The Back-up Plan Movie Review

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez hits the big screen with her rom-com comeback in “The Back-Up Plan” since we saw her last in 2006’s “El Cantante” and “Bordertown”. She’s famed for her perfect figure, but in this movie, she’s curvier and more voluptuous than ever playing Zoe the pregnant pet store owner.

July 2009


It’s familiar problem if you regularly work away from the office. You’re at home or at a client’s office and you need that spreedsheet., Word document or PDF you were working on last night. But it’s on your Mac in your own. That precisely what LogMeIn does.

June 2009

MozyHome for your Mac

We all know the importance of backing up our data. We also know we should have more than one backup routine and have an off-site repository for backed-up data.

Imation M-Class SSD

There’s no doubt that solid state storage is taking over from hard drives in portable devices.

DroboPro Storage That Manage Itself

Having achieved a degree of success with its Drobo storage robot, which lets home users and multi-drive, hot swappable storage with built-in redundancy,

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