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19 October 2010

Apple Apps: The Legend of Imperial Defence Free

The player became the Imperial Army commander, Place the tower and the barrier to prevent from entering in enemy forces.

18 October 2010

Watch Bloomberg’s 50-Min Documentary About Steve Jobs [Video]

Hot on the heels of our interview with John Sculley, Bloomberg has posted its 50-minute

Apple Apps: VoiceLab

Play pranks with people around you, by playing prepared Creations recorded by you, with some funny effects added. Perhaps your phone is Darth Vader (Cold Metal effect).

12 October 2010

Apple Apps: hot shot hoops

Do you like NBA? Are you crazy about basketball? Then experience Hot Shot Hoops !

08 October 2010

Apple Apps: Spelling Wiz – Bugs

Spelling Wiz – Bugs will transport your child into the fascinating world of insects. Spelling Wiz – Bugs will introduce your child to various insects, increase their vocabulary, and enhance their spelling skills.

Apple Apps: OneTouch – Deep Sleep

Find a calm and refreshing sleep with OneTouch Deep Sleep. Plug your headphones and simply touch the play button. A unique and delightful guided relaxation session will be composed and played. Let yourself go … to dream land !

06 October 2010

Apple Apps: Street Cat Fighter

Fight against your friends or versus the CPU with Street Cat Fighter! You can play from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch vs any other iOs device.

05 October 2010

Apple Apps: Hero Wars Free

Now New Game!! Hero Wars : Angel of the Fallen is a Defense + RTS game that combined action arcade.

04 October 2010

Apple Apps: iBanner

A FREE and unique Universal Application that gives you full control over your messages appearance with stunning animated-backgrounds and cool font faces.

01 October 2010

Apple Apps: ZX Nostalgia. Adventure edition vol.1

This application allows you to play some classic ZX Spectrum adventures. Return to the halcyon days of your youth and relive those joyous moments once again. The app is optimized for both the iPhone and the iPod and runs at 100% full speed on all models.

Apple Apps: Miniville’s Alice in Wonderland Match Game

Alice in Wonderland Match Game is a delightful match game set in the Alice in Wonderland world. Your child will love to play hide-n-seek with the characters from Alice in Wonderland as they hide behind the small blue door or the mushrooms.

Apple Apps: Mallorca Restaurant Guide

The Mobile Food Guide to Restaurants in Mallorca. This app is a guide to the best restaurants in Mallorca.

27 September 2010

The Phantom of the Opera (by Gaston Leroux) (UNABRIDGED AUDIOBOOK)

A shadow of unease; a quickening pulse; an unnamed fear breathing on the collar of those who sit alone in their dressing rooms at the great Paris Opera. Again the Phantom strikes, but always with a beautiful young performer at the center of his deadly desires.

24 September 2010

Apple Apps: Battle of the Sexes

He says. She says. Who’s right? Find out with Battle of the Sexes. It’s the hit party game that pits the girls against the boys in an outrageous, hormonally-charged trivia battle. Does she know which two stars mariners navigate by? Does he know what a silpat is in cooking terms? WIth more than 700 questions and Wild Cards, they’ll both have to call on their vast stores of WomanKnowledge and ManKnowledge in order for one of them to triumph.

22 September 2010

Apple Apps: Traffic Commander

Have you ever dreamed of controlling the flow of traffic on the busy street?here you got the chance to become a commander of vehicles .

Gameloft: 20 Million App Store Games Sold

French mobile and digital game publisher Gameloft said Tuesday that it has sold 20 million paid games on Apple's popular App Store since the service's launch in June 2008.

20 September 2010

Weight+Bmi Watcher 2 Lite

Weight, body mass index and fat tracker with data analysis and ideal calculator. To loose or increase weight has never been easier.

Apple Apps: Blue Hole

Intense non-stop action as you navigate your submarine to new depths to the bottom of the sea while dodging boulders, deadly fish and marine mines appearing in your path!

17 September 2010

Deal Or No Deal: Vegas Gold

Welcome to Vegas! Discover a high-rolling twist on the world-famous TV show and get a shot at a cool $1 Million! Rake in the winnings in your favorite casino games and earn a chance at the final Deal Or No Deal prize board to win the million-dollar case!

Rose Origami Lite

Rose Origami will teach you how to fold a paper into beautiful Rose that you can use it to decorate your rooms or cars or give your lover as a present. Looking to give a special memory Day gift or Birthday present?

15 September 2010


Description: How fast can you find the Secret Word? With every try, Lngo tells you which letters are correct or misplaced. Currently, Lngo’s dictionary contains more than 200,000 entries ranging from 5 to 12 letters and growing difficulty levels.

Jumblo Lite

Jumblo Lite recreates the popular word puzzle game on the iPhone and iPod Touch! Solve the puzzle by unscrambling the jumbled letters to find the hidden word.

13 September 2010

Orb Wars

Orb Wars is two similar games in one. In the Attack mode, shoot colored orbs at a spinning circle and try to shrink it. If you get 3 or more colors in a row the orbs are destroyed. Otherwise the circle can grow. Once it is large enough to hid you the game ends.

07 September 2010

Passion Frog – The Ultimate Reminder App for Guys

PassionFrog is the ultimate in reminder apps. Men are creatures of habit (we are!), and forget the little things in life that women love. For the special days . . . birthdays, anniversaries, and “Just because I Love You” days . . . The PassionFrog app reminds men of these special times, AND sends them random messages encouraging them to grab flowers, a card, candy, or a bottle of wine on the way home.

06 September 2010

Total Film

Total Film, the world’s best movie magazine and website is now available as an iPhone app. It’s the ultimate pocket companion for film fans.

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