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June 2011

Walt Mossberg Tells Adobe CEO To His Face That Flash Sucks On Android

Ouch! Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen took stage today at the All Things Digital D9 conference to be interviewed by Walt Mossberg.

December 2010

Blackberry Playbook

Another fruity brand is fighting for pole position. The Blackberry line decides to stomp its foot on the tablet arena and joins the fray with the Playbook.

October 2010

President Obama Autographs An iPad

Despite the wary uncertainty of several Secret Service agents, Sylvester Cann was able to get President Obama to autograph his iPad at a recent rally at the University of Washington in Seattle.

June 2010

Watch Steve Jobs D8 Interview Video

On Flash and Adobe: On the missing iPhone: On iAds restrictions: On Google and Android:

May 2010

Has Apple won the Web video war?

With Apple declaring war against Adobe’s hold over Web video, some reports say the Cupertino company has already won.

Apple developing Flash alternative, adding insult to Adobe’s injury

Twitter reports of an impressive Apple tech demo have turned into blog rumors that Steve Jobs and Co. might be developing their own Flash alternative.

Apple: The Microsoft of Mobile?

Apple could soon be the target of an antitrust investigation by either the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice, according to numerous press reports, with the feds focusing on its new policy requiring developers to write iPhone OS apps using only Apple-approved programming languages.

Apple vs. Adobe: Is Flash dying?

In the Thoughts on Flash essay that Steve Jobs posted last week, Apple’s CEO took on Adobe’s oft-repeated contention that Apple’s (AAPL) mobile products — the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch — don’t offer access to the “full Web” because they don’t support Adobe’s Flash format.

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