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November 2010

Words Puzzle 1000

This game turns the iPhone and iPod touch into addictive word puzzle to go – a magical device. This game goal is to find the hidden SECRET PHRASE. To get to the hidden secret phrase you must pass through all levels which vary in difficulty.

July 2010

Apple Apps: Save Teddy!

Oh no! Teddy has wandered off and finds himself dangling dangerously from a balloon. Only you can save him by getting him safely to the comfy basket below. You can use fun balloons to bounce around and get to the basket, but beware of the crows though, they are trying to peck the stuffing out of poor Teddy!

Apple Apps: DreamScape

The most strategic, challenging, addictive bubble popping game ever! Jump into a thrilling world of blasting bubbles before time runs out while you carefully choose your shot ? the best combo shot can get up to 127M in one shot. Blast the Super Boosts, Double Ups, Da Bombs and Ultras for a high-speed, high-scoring, explosive thrill! Watch out for Toxic bubbles that kill you instantly. Be smart, be sharp, be focused, be the highest All Star! What a trip!

June 2010

Apple Apps: Stickbound FREE

Play the newest and most ADDICTIVE stick jumping game ever!

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