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November 2010

Android Apps: Little Metal Ball

XMG Studio presents Little Metal Ball: the ultimate top-down full-tilt platform adventure,do you have what it takes? • 49 Awesome levels, with challenging puzzles, twisted labyrinths • Precise tilt control and physics • Gold, silver and bronze record times for each level • Jumbo and micro ball pick ups, elevators and more!

September 2010

Android Apps: Mad Puzzle

Mad Puzzle is a very addictive puzzle game. The objective of the game is to to drag the red piece on the bottom of the screen. Sounds simple, but it is incredible challenging as the difficult level increases.

May 2010

First internationalised domain names go live

The first top level domains with non-Latin characters went live on Thursday, just over six months after the process for doing so was approved, with another thirteen nearing registration.

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