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31 March 2011

Samsung installs keylogger on its laptops

A user discovered a keylogger pre-installed on two brand-new Samsung laptops that the company admitted was there to “monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used.”

29 March 2011

Bant Aggro

buuchan’s Bant Aggro Extended – Pro Tour Qualifier for PT Nagoya on Magic Online

Who’s The Top Banana?

There is no right or wrong answer of course. When it comes to bananas, they sit at the top of the barrel. Considered one of the world’s most important food crops after rice, wheat, and maize, they’re the most popular fruit in the world. Their size and portability make them the perfect grab-and-go snack for urbanites and athletes. Cooked, they retain their integrity and in sweets, shine memorably. Health-wise, everyone knows they’re loaded with potassium, are high in carbs for instant energy, and aid digestion.

12 year old rewrites Einsteins theory of relativity

A 12-year-old child prodigy has astounded university professors after grappling with some of the most advanced concepts in mathematics.

Report: No iPhone 5 at Apple’s Summer Conference

Apple has traditionally debuted new iPhones at its annual software developers conference, but this year’s event in June will be 100 percent software news, according to a report.

iOS Apps: Color Splash

ColorSplash lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color. This effect draws the viewers’ attention to the colored areas, creating striking images.

Android Apps: College Calculator: MathPac

MathPac offers: On-Screen Help, & Word prompts…Graphs w/Evaluate, Zoom, Pan, Trace, Min, Max, Intercepts, Intersections, Tableview, dy/dx, Limits, Integrals Also Factors, Slope-EQ, Sequences, Sums, Matrix Operations, Regressions, Complex numbers, Degrees & Radians, and a TVM Solver for those business applications.

28 March 2011

Rotating brownouts loom

MANILA, Philippines — Fears of rotating brownouts this summer were raised following the tripping of the San Jose-San Manuel transmission line of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), causing power outages in Metro Manila and nearby areas despite the relatively low demand for electricity last Saturday.

iOS Apps: SkyView Free – Explore the Universe

Where will the Sun rise and set today? Is there a Full Moon tonight? Where is the Big Dipper? What is the name of that bright star? What are some fun facts about these objects? SkyView Free is a powerful and easy-to-use App that answers these questions and more. Simply point the camera to the sky, tap on what you see and discover really neat things about these sky objects. SkyView Free is unique because it blends the camera view with incredible 3D graphics of the sky objects to provide a really neat Augmented Reality (AR) view of your sky.

Android Apps: Wave Blazer

Adrenalitic Arcade 3D speedboat racing, featuring cross-platform multiplayer! It takes a certain kind of person to strap themselves down in what basically amounts to an over-sized arrowhead with a four-thousand horsepower helicopter turbine engine lodged in the back-end. Right about now you need to ask yourself “Am I that kind of person?”

23 March 2011

The journey to elusive Palaui

The gloomy skies brought drizzles the morning after we arrived in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. But the mood swings of the weather did not dampen our desire to see the elusive Palaui Island. Still, our local guide from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority told us that we could only proceed with the trip if the weather permitted us.

Student used spyware to steal passwords, change grades

A former high school senior from Orange County, California, has pleaded guilty to charges that he installed spyware on school computers in order to boost his grades.

21 March 2011

Google accuses China of interfering with Gmail

Google has accused the Chinese government of interfering with its popular Gmail email system. The move follows extensive attempts by the Chinese authorities to crack down on the “jasmine revolution” – an online dissident movement inspired by events in the Middle East.

20 March 2011

Falcon Northwest Mach V Review

The Mach V (Core i7-2600K) desktop is a force to be reckoned with. It not only includes the new Intel Core i7-2600K processor (aka Intel’s Sandy Bridge) and Nvidia GTX 580 graphics, but it also comes in Falcon NW’s new ICON2 chassis, with new-card retention built in, better airflow, and a design that will take Falcon Northwest into the next decade.

iOS Apps: CX Mobile

CX Mobile is an award-winning application that makes travelling easier by letting you handle many of your travel necessities any time you like, and anywhere in the world you are: •Check in •Check flight status •Retrieve your booking •Get flight schedules •Access City Guides to 70 destinations worldwide. (In English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.)

Android Apps: PRO Zoom Camera 5X

Replace default camera app with 5x ZOOM, 5 whitebals, 27 filters & crazy effects Want to take better pictures?

15 March 2011

Apple iTunes accepting Red Cross donations for Japan quake and tsunami relief

Apple is accepting donations to the American Red Cross’ Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund through its iTunes Store.

Microsoft’s Bing sees Twitter backlash for Japan quake campaign

Here’s a great example of how a seemingly noble social media donation campaign can go awry: Microsoft tweeted two hours ago on the Bing search engine’s Twitter account that it would donate up to $100,000 to help victims of Japan’s earthquake — but only if Twitter users retweeted its original post to broadcast it to their followers, at $1 per retweet.

14 March 2011

Watch Bloomberg Game Changers: Twitter

March 10 (Bloomberg) — “Bloomberg Game Changers” profiles Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone.

iOS Apps: 8mm Vintage Camera

8mm Vintage Camera brings your iPhone and iPod Touch back in time to capture the beauty and magic of old school vintage movies. By mixing and matching films and lenses, you can recreate the atmosphere of those bygone eras with 25 timeless retro looks. Dust & scratches, retro colors, flickering, light leaks, frame jitters – all can be instantly added with a single tap or swipe.

Android Apps: Monster Madness

Before there was a dungeon that needed defending, there was a neighborhood that needed to be cleansed of madness….

01 March 2011

Yahoo To Shut Down MyBlogLog

Yahoo has decided to shutdown MyBlogLog on May 24, 2011. Here’s the message that was just emailed to all users :

28 February 2011

iOS Apps: Flickr

Share your photos. Watch the world. Flickr® for the iPhone enables photo-sharing on the go – from your phone, to the world. Shoot, upload and share photos & videos: Geo-tag your photos or add them to a set. View your photos by set and tag.

Android Apps: Baby ESP

Know exactly what your baby needs with Baby ESP! Simple, powerful baby tracker Baby ESP is a baby tracker that helps you easily track your baby’s activities (Eating, Sleeping, Pooping and much more).

26 February 2011

Sam Black’s Tempered Steel

I saw this deck in the building in a budget list. If I have extra time I will build this deck. I couldn’t help but get excited about the deck.

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