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December 2008

Planning all to the End

The democrat candidate and now President-elect has acheived along this campain, what could remain in history books as the 'perfect resistance' and demonstrated the applied virtues of resilience.

Moral hazard: unscrupulous and predatory tactics

Financial Crisis & Deprecated Housing Markets: where the subprime industry have been caught preying on the weak

Shopping Addiction

Keeping people spending has become a top economic priority

Investors Earnings: Did you say 'global clout'?

20 of our most savvy tycoons had collectively made no less than (hold your mind) a massive $ 191.2 billions losses recently

April 2008


Some affairs are premeditatively cold, exploitative or designed to extract information or to provide the basis for later blackmail or grounds for divorce.

Rationalising a dispute

The subttle and efficient way is to tune off slightly our voice while arguing in a reasonable tone that will be listened while keeping force to your arguments.


Metal frames are also very popular and have the same strength as plastic.


Always make sure to check out the view from the back in a mirror when trying on bathing suits.

Hydro massage

Reduce tension, blood pressure, and relax your muscles, reinvigorate and refresh, purifiy to increase your neuromuscular tone and stimulate your mind and mood.

Bathroom Safety

Taking into account these risks does not prevent to look for a set of furnitures and appliances designs that perfectly suit your standard of living and are inspirational as this Kimi of Gallassia

Bidets designs

For people with pains such as hemorrhoids, uterine cramps, prostate infections, painful ovaries, vagina and/or testicles, it is also more and more used for comfort, relief inflammatory diseases, while design trends show that the bidet has developed an aura of delicacy and lifestyle.

March 2008

Baths materials choice

Looking for a quality and reliable deal also imply to have a look to bargains and clearance boutiques and brands offers, for acryclic and ceramic mainly, though these materials can be relatively expensive as the design is sophisticate.

Cabbage Casseroles

a mediteranean vegetable that is suited for summer and fall seasons

Cabbage Casseroles

Cabbage remains vegetative unless subjected to cold weather, and varieties are according to season of maturity, leaf surface (smooth, savoyed, or wrinkled), head shape (flattened, round, or pointed), and color (green or red).


Use various ingredients (meat, vegetables, beans, rice,...) and whatever else your cooking inspires, to make your casserole not only tasty but also vegies rich if you're willing to slim for the spring and summer coming

Apple dietetics

Mixing vegetables and fruits allow also to serve with various courses including meats, eggs, nuts, dry beans (as far as fats, oils and sweets are used in reasonable portions ...

Beauty treatment

Anassa landscape gardens: Travel Enthusiast


Escaping for a romance or even for a break, attending a business meeting or event, spotting and shopping, just step through the revolving doors of the Ritz Paris, and experience a lively true gourmet and lifestyle by stepping into a legend rich in ultimate encounters and emotions.

Amathus Beach

Private Pool , Jacuzzi featuring the nine of these suites as the ultimate in relaxation and privacy that combine comfort with tasteful luxury while over half of them are specially suited for family escapes.

Social mingling

As far as tasting parties are common, why not host a spirits tasting one?


Cifial's touch and style to let you indulge in a yet glamourous way.

Fashion vs. Classics

Add accessories to turn classic into trendy. A timeless outfit never goes out of style...