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June 2006

06.12.06 Plain Dealer: Minimum Wage key for Ohio Dems

If labor and anti-poverty groups can get that issue on the November ballot, some political experts contend, Democratic voters will be much more likely to go to the polls. They will pick their party’s candidates to serve as governor and U.S. senator and

People's Weekly World - Minimum wage to loom large in Ohio vote

Illustration by D. Baldinger A variety of progressive, issue-oriented forces are at work in the Ohio elections, trying to build a political movement capable of ousting the ultra-right from control of state government in November. Industrial unions,

March 2006

03.24.06 OH: Minimum-Wage Raise Touted

Boosting the state minimum wage to $6.85 an hour — a proposal likely to appear on the November statewide ballot — would result in raises for 1 in 7 Ohio workers, according to a new study. An estimated 720,000 workers, 58 percent of them women, would b

03.16.06 OH: GOP Lawmakers Try To Defuse Minimum Wage Ballot Proposals - Yahoo! News

The Republican-led Ohio Legislature passed a hike to the state's minimum wage last week, raising it to the federal level of $5.15 an hour, meaning small businesses also will have to pay that rate. GOP Gov. Bob Taft has endorsed it. ADVERTISEMENT Why did R

03.09.06 Ohio Minimum Wage Gets a Boost

Only to $5.15, current federal minimum