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06 April 2006

04.04.06 FL: Bills Try Different Approaches To Providing Insurance

TALLAHASSEE - Fair Share Health Care bills landed in 30 states this year, including Florida, where it hit with a thud. The union-backed health care bill would force large corporations to spend a set percentage of their payrolls on employee health care. Al

05 April 2006

23 March 2006

03.23.06 FL: Mayor Wants To Override Minimum Wage For Miami Workers

MIAMI -- At a meeting of the Miami City Commission Thursday, Mayor Manny Diaz presented an ordinance that could increase the pay of some of the city's most poorly compensated workers. If the ordinance passes, the city of Miami and private firms that act a

22 March 2006

03.21.06 FL: Labor unions rally for health insurance

Demonstrators from labor unions heckled the powerful president of Florida's biggest business organization Monday at a Capitol rally, which was held to support a plan to make employers provide health-care insurance or contribute to a state fund for coverin

08 March 2006

Florida: SB 1618 - Fair Share Health Care Fund

(Identical to House Bill) GENERAL BILL by Campbell Fair Share Health Care Fund: creates said fund; provides duties of AHCA & Chief Financial Officer; provides employer reporting guidelines; provides reporting guidelines for secretary of AHCA; provides

Florida: HB 813 - Fair Share Health Care Fund

GENERAL BILL by Bucher Fair Share Health Care Fund: Creates the Fair Share Health Care Fund; provides purposes and uses of the fund; provides duties of the Agency for Health Care Administration and the Chief Financial Officer; provides for audit of the

23 February 2006 | 02/15/2006 | Bill calls for firms to pay for care

Unions want a law requiring large companies to spend at least 9 percent of employee earnings on health insurance. BY JOHN DORSCHNER The state's largest employers should be responsible for providing their workers with decent

Florida Proposal Modeled After Maryland 'Wal-Mart Law' Introduced

Florida state Sen. Skip Campbell (D) on Tuesday proposed a bill modeled on Maryland's law that requires large employers to spend a certain amount of payroll on health care, the Miami Herald reports. Under the Florida proposal, which is backed by the state

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