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June 2006

Only In California...

that a GOP incumbent Gov. could say something like this and not pay a price with the national Republican Party. In short, Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently said he would consider endorsing some of the Dem candidates for statewide office. Quick excerpt:

05.30.06 CA: Minimum wage politics

The Legislature plans to take up a bill this week to raise the minimum wage by a dollar and index it to inflation. Gov. Schwarzenegger has already said he would veto such a bill. Apparently the Democrats are going to force him to follow through with that

April 2006

04.17.06 CA: In California, Schwarzenegger Moves Ahead

For the first time this year, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) "has opened a significant lead over his Democratic challengers," a new Rasmussen Reports poll finds. Schwarzenegger leads Phil Angelides (D) by double digits, 49% to 36%. The candi

CA: Hotline On Call: Angelides Brings Sasso Aboard

According to a well placed CA Dem, Phil Angelides is bringing John Sasso on board for the remaining weeks of the GOV primary in an attempt to stop the slow freefall the one time frontrunner has experienced ever since Steve Westly started saturating the ai

03.13.06: CA Gov.: Conservatives Go Easy on ‘King’ Schwarzenegger

California Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s re-election prospects slipped last fall after voters rejected four ballot initiatives he had strongly pushed. This led some to speculate that conservatives — wary of the ex-movie star’s moderate vie

04.07.06 CA: Dems' fight for governor gets fierce / Tight race pushes Angelides, Westly to take off the gloves

What had been a sportsmanlike arm-wrestling match between two ambitious Democrats hoping to unseat Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger began to officially morph into a hard-edged, nasty political grudge match this week. State Controller Steve Westly and

04.12.06 CA: Angelides on the attack again

Democratic state Treasurer Phil Angelides stayed on the attack this morning, doing his level best to tie state Controller Steve Westly, his opponent in the primary for governor, to both Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Bush. The topic d

04.12.06 CA: Runoff Likely in CA-50

Though Francine Busby (D) outpaced the entire field in the CA-50 special election, she will likely fall short of the majority needed to avoid a runoff in this heavily Republican district.

California Labor Federation - Political Department

Has endorsements, convention photos, department info How do we work on politics and elections? California Labor Federation affiliates work together to: 1. Endorse candidates who support Labor issues 2. Get union members out to vote on election day 3.

March 2006