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June 2006

06.12.06 Plain Dealer: Minimum Wage key for Ohio Dems

If labor and anti-poverty groups can get that issue on the November ballot, some political experts contend, Democratic voters will be much more likely to go to the polls. They will pick their party’s candidates to serve as governor and U.S. senator and

People's Weekly World - Minimum wage to loom large in Ohio vote

Illustration by D. Baldinger A variety of progressive, issue-oriented forces are at work in the Ohio elections, trying to build a political movement capable of ousting the ultra-right from control of state government in November. Industrial unions,

05.30.06 CA: Minimum wage politics

The Legislature plans to take up a bill this week to raise the minimum wage by a dollar and index it to inflation. Gov. Schwarzenegger has already said he would veto such a bill. Apparently the Democrats are going to force him to follow through with that

April 2006

04.18.06 ME: Gov. Baldacci signs minimum wage bill

AUGUSTA (April 13) - Gov. John E. Baldacci signed LD 235 this afternoon, giving everyone earning minimum wage a pay raise, effective in October. The bill, "An Act to Increase the Minimum Wage," will raise Maine's minimum wage to $6.75 an hour in October 2

04.12.06 PA: Philadelphia Business Journal: Pa. should follow other states on minimum wage, legislator says - 2006-04-12

The House approve the measure April 5 -- which would push the states's wage to $6.25 per hour on July 1 and to $7.15 per hour on July 1, 2007 -- April 5. Cohen urged the state Senate to act soon on the measure, which Gov. Ed Rendell has pledged to support

California Labor Federation - Minimum Wage

hour. Although our cost of living is sky-high, we have the lowest minimum wage of any state on the West Coast. Our minimum wage is not enough to allow a working family to afford basics like housing and healthcare in California. The only way to help minimu

Oregon AFL-CIO: Minimum Wage - Oregon AFL-CIO

The federal minimum wage is $5.15 per hour, and tipped workers make even less, $2.13. That wage has not been increased since 1997. It's buying power is at its lowest since 1949. Fortunately, Oregon minimum wage workers are not forced to work for povert

04.10.06 ME: Minimum wage increase wins by a vote in House -

AUGUSTA, Maine --A proposal to increase Maine's minimum wage to $7 an hour by October 2007 won approval by a single vote in the Maine House on Monday, but further legislative votes are still pending and prospects for final approval are not guaranteed. Af

04.11.06 AR: Huckabee signs law boosting minimum wage

Gov. Mike Huckabee signed into law Monday a bill that will raise the state’s minimum wage to $ 6. 25 an hour, giving Arkansas ’ workers a higher minimum wage than is paid in any surrounding state. The increase was one of several bills adopted by the A

04.11.06 PA/WV: Minimum Wage Developments in Pennsylvania, West Virginia

In Pennsylvania , House Bill (HB) 257, which would increase the minimum wage in two phases, was approved by the state's House on April 5. It would raise the minimum wage from its current rate of $5.15 to $6.25 on July 1, 2006 and to $7.15 on July 1, 2007

03.31.06 OK: Petition Calls For Vote On Raising State's Minimum Wage

Oklahoma City (AP) - An initiative petition calling for a statewide vote on raising the state's minimum wage has been filed with the secretary of state. The petition by the group Raise Oklahoma calls for raising the minimum wage in Oklahoma from the feder

04.06.06 ME: House, Senate disagree on minimum wage bill - A.J. Higgins

AUGUSTA - A bill to increase the minimum wage to $7 an hour by Oct. 1, 2007, ran into trouble Wednesday when the House voted 74-66 for an amendment that reduced the increase and delayed its implementation. After defeating an identical amendment presented

04.05.06 AR: Ark. minimum wage increase headed to governor's office

LITTLE ROCK - A bill to increase the state's minimum wage by $1.10 won legislative approval Wednesday, giving workers high hopes they will see an increase for the first time in nine years. The House approved the measure to raise the wage from $5.15 an hou

04.06.06 AR: House OKs minimum wage hike; Senate sends funeral protest bill to governor

LITTLE ROCK - Legislation to increase the state's minimum wage easily passed the House on Wednesday, virtually assuring that thousands of Arkansas workers will get a $1.10 an hour raise this fall. House Bill 1033 by Rep. Benny Petrus, D-Stuttgart, passed

04.05.06 CA: Yes to minimum wage increase, no to escalator

HOW WOULD you like to wait four years for a pay raise? That's what happened to Californians who are working for minimum wage, which has been $6.75 since 2002. Two bills that would give 1.4million minimum-wage earners a raise to $7.75 an hour and adjustmen

04.06.06 PA: House OKs raising Pa. minimum wage

House OKs raising Pa. minimum wage The $2 hike would bring the rate to $7.15 an hour by July 2007. The Senate backs a smaller pay increase. By Martha Raffaele Associated Press HARRISBURG - Pennsylvania's minimum wage would rise $2 an hour by July 1, 2007

04.06.06 AR: Arkansas legislators agree on $6.25 hourly wage

LITTLE ROCK - A bill to increase Arkansas' minimum wage to $6.25 an hour was closer to becoming law Wednesday as legislators largely rejected arguments that a mandated hike could cost the state jobs. The increase from the current $5.15 rate, a 21.4 percen

04.04.06 MI: Carwash Workers Happy - MI Minimum Wage Rises

DETROIT — Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed a law raising the minimum wage by $2.25 last week, surprising the Republican State Legislature and raising celebrations among minimum wage workers like carwash employees in the cutthroat Detroit market, a

04.05.06 WV: Manchin Signs Minimum Wage Hike

Gov. Joe Manchin on Tuesday signed into law an increase in the state’s minimum wage, which will rise to $7.25 an hour within two years.

04.05.06 TN: Senate Panel Votes to Up Minimum Wage

Two Republican state senators broke ranks with their party by not voting against raising the minimum wage Tuesday, allowing the Democratic-backed proposal to proceed. While the debate on raising the minimum wage from the federally mandated $5.15 an hou

04.03.06 AR: Minimum Wage Hike Approved By Committee

A committee of the Arkansas state Senate has endorsed a bill to raise the minimum wage in Arkansas from $5.15 per hour to $6.25 per hour. The Senate Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee endorsed the bill Monday on a voice vote. The bill must still b

04.02.06 AR: Session call includes anti-smoking bill, minimum wage hike

The issues are among the 31 items that Gov. Mike Huckabee listed in the special session call he issued Friday. The smoking ban is the governor's proposal. Lawmakers, a coalition of community and church groups and the state's business community agreed on a

04.03.06 Study: Minimum-wage hikes boost retail employment --

A new study has ratcheted up the debate over whether minimum-wage hikes cause job losses in New York State. According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, a research group in Albany, the state's minimum-wage increases have helped small businesses, not hur