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April 2006 Reading Lists

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" you can easily create your own dynamic "reading lists" with XSLT."


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"...a web-based integrated service for creating, hosting and publishing OPML files."

February 2006 聚合、传播、分享:OPML资源、搜索、OPML编辑器、RSS阅读器、RSS集中订阅

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My new OPML Manager/Editor

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A Flash UI for OPML Manager. Not just a demo !

November 2005

把blogmarks發到blogbus :: 三言兩語

blogmarks' blog sync didn't work as expected with blogbus's supported blogger api.

RSS to JavaScript Converter

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Use this generator to display and format RSS feeds on your website

OPML 101 Screencast

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一個解釋 OPML 何為的 ScreenCast

在線OPML 瀏覽器

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速度很快! Highly recommended!

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