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08 May 2017 05:00

Social Media Greed

From the first time we decide to use social media for our business we have a choice. It is at the heart of everything we do from here on out. We will see a plan of action that will decide whether we create great social media deeds, or commit social media greed. It will define our attitude towards social media. Is this a place to build relationships or a means to take money from people? Our actions in social media define what we really think of our products and services. Do we care about our clients when we sell them everything under the sun for the big score? How do we take of our prospects, so they know we will treat them right once they have handed us a check?

Do You Know What Mind Maps Are Actually Good For?

One of the most significant mind map uses is to eliminate hierarchies, at least at the beginning of exploring available information. This technique avoids assumptions about the priority of certain ideas, which come from linear arrangements of sequential thoughts. Another of the mind map uses on a smaller scale is more solitary, and involves taking notes. A student in a lecture on a complex subject, or even someone in a meeting who is trying to summarize the discussion, can both find mind mapping techniques valuable. As they recognize key words, they can list them in their notes and as other ideas come up that relate to the key words, they can be added in a cloud around those initial words. Whether used by a group to brainstorm, or used by an individual to summarize and clarify concepts, creating a mind map is an effective way of discerning the relationships of important ideas.

08 May 2017 04:00

Top Ways to Create Professional Videos Without a Video Camera

You can actually create a very professional looking slideshow video using good old Microsoft Office! If you have Office 365, then you'll be able to create slideshows and these can now be saved as videos. Add a voice track and you have a simple and easy looking video to promote your brand. If you've ever heard of ASAP Science, then you'll be familiar with this type of video.Essentially, it's a type of video that looks as though it has been drawn on a whiteboard using cartoons to illustrate the points that the speaker is talking about. This is not achieved by filming someone's hand however but by using software like Easy Sketch Pro that makes it super simple. Explaindio is another piece of software that you can use similar to Easy Sketch Pro. The difference is that it lets you combine cartoons, slideshows and other elements together to create something unique but still very easy to make. Another similar option is Video Maker FX.

Top Promotional Uses for Video Within Small And Large Business

Create A Video For Your Homepage A video on your company’s homepage can often provide the perfect tool for describing what it is you do/sell and for engaging your audience. The most important thing for any company to think about with a homepage is whether it effectively communicates what the business is about. If you can do this with a video, then you will prevent people from leaving your page and you will stand a much better chance of making a sale early on.

Is Your Business Ready For Video Marketing

OK I admit it, we are are so far gone with digital that anyone not getting involved will be left behind. And you have to admit with the applications now available like Explaindio and Easy Sketch Pro, video production can not be any easier to do. You just need to find a good location create a script and away you go, 15 minutes of fame on YouTube could launch you and your business into the top 100 of BRW. Once you would as a business owner only consider video or should I say television as a last resort or a luxury option if business was good, now just about anyone with a cheap video camera can make a promotional video and without the huge costs.

How To Market Your Small Business Online

Statistics are currently showing that more than 66% of internet searches are now coming from mobile devices. These mobile devices are also hooking into the many social networks and are receiving real time information about businesses What you are about to discover is different ways that you can use right now to start marketing your small business website, no huge fees just tools that you can access right now.

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