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September 2006

Hypnotic Business » Blog Archive » The Secret Meaning of Jimmy Hill’s Chin: Hand to Face Gestures in Body Language

Have you ever wondered how to tell if someone is bored, if they are stalling, what kind of decision they are making about you? Then hand to face gestures could tell you all you need to know. Read on to find out how..

Hypnotic Business » Blog Archive » How Do You Spot A Liar? By Their Body Language

Can you imagine how beneficial it is to your personal and professional life to be able to spot a liar? Read on to find out how to spot a liar by simply reading their body language.

July 2006

Hypnotic Business » Blog Archive » How To Hypnotically Display Congruence To All You Meet

Maybe it is hard to achieve your goals sometimes? Maybe you need more balance? Even if you are in need of nothing else in your life, then you can always enjoy the benefits of having more congruence in your life and your behaviours. Read on to find out how anyone can do just that now.

Hypnotic Business » Blog Archive » Why England’s Penalty Takers Were Never Going To Score: Their Body Language

As England's football team exit the World Cup, what did the body language of their players tell you when they stepped up to take their penalty kicks? Read this article to find out how body language can tell you and how you can use that information to send powerful messages about yourself.

June 2006

Hypnotic Business » Blog Archive » Body Language: How Can Your Hands Transform How Others Perceive You?

Today I want to discuss one of our most important body parts: Your hands. They create far more influence in life than you could possibly imagine and form an often pivotal part of non-verbal communication. How do your hands affect how you behave and how you are perceived by others? This article is here to tell you and show you how.