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19 April 2006

Browse Amazon Books: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

LAMP is a mnemonic acronym fro "Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP" (sometimes Perl or Python) which refers to four open-source software packages that constitute a very popular and robust web-server platform.

18 April 2006

Browse Amazon Books: Literature, Alphabetical Authors

Great and near-great fiction from alphabetically by author, the way it's supposed to be.

17 April 2006

16 April 2006

Browse Amazon Books: Biography, Alphabetical by Subject

Amazon has a number of "biography" sections as subcategories of other sections. Unfortunately, there is no single all-inclusive biography section. Let us help you find what you're looking for!

Browse Amazon Books: Classics Illustrated Comics

Classics Illustrated Comics are generally true to their source material, and are not only a good way to introduce young readers to literature, but have also been the salvation of many a book report procrastinator over the years.

11 April 2006

Browse Amazon Books: Extensible Mark-up Language - XML

XML is a flavor of SGML used for machine-to-machine communications, such as RSS feeds. It is more structured than HTML and a bit verbose. XHTML is an XML vocabulary which is the coming web standard. XML can be transformed (XSLT) using stylesheets (XSL).

Browse Amazon Books: Javascript

Javascript is the most common, and probably the best language for creating interactive web content in the client-side browser.

Browse Amazon Books: Linux Operating System

The Linux microkernel is the basis of numerous operating systems (distributions or "distros") that run a wide variety of open source (free) software. Now more powerful and user-friendly than ever!

Browse Amazon Books: Berkeley Standard Distribution (BSD) - FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin

The BSDs are better operating systems than Linux, but because there is no profit incentive for promoting them, they are virtually unknown outside technical circles.

Browse Amazon Books: Hypertext Markup Language - HTML

HTML is the basic language for creating web-pages, and the underlying technology for many more advanced web techniques.

Browse Amazon Books: Practical Extraction & Reporting Language - Perl

Perl is the most versatile and practical lnaguage for server-side scripting applications.

25 March 2006

Feed of MSN Search's TOP 10 Catalog pages by topic

MSN Search makes results available as feeds, which makes it easy to aggregate related "topic" pages from our bookstore, regardless of their postion in Amazon's hierarchy. Makes browsing faster and searching smarter. (BETA)

21 March 2006

Fast, Focussed, Friendly Amazon Category Searches from The Whole Ed Mall

Our Amazon associate bookstore makes it easy to fined the books you really want without "drilling down" through Amazon's convoluted browse categories. Go staright to the topic you're interested in and browse or search from there, Useful and user-friendly. Recommended.