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01 October 2006

25 September 2006

TiddlyTools - downloads

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quote "TiddlyTools presents Technologies, Techniques, Tricks, Tips, Tweaks and Tutorials for TiddlyWiki readers, authors and developers, using a combination of plugins, macros, scripts, templates, and stylesheets from ELS Design Studios (and other sources) to customize the default features and functions provided by the TiddlyWiki standard distribution"

10 September 2006

Take the Pain out of your Domain.

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Tired of lame URL's? Get a "Pesonalized Domain" that is not only short, but also Personal, Memorable, and Unique. Best for sites like Photobucket, Flickr, YouTube, MySpace ... where you want your friends to be able to remember your URL so that they can check out your page.

06 September 2006

23 August 2006

FILExt - The File Extension Source

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FILExt - The File Extension Source

15 August 2006

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