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  小時候我常聽爸媽說:「兒子啊,乖乖把飯吃完,因為中國跟印度的小孩沒飯吃。」現在我則說:「女兒啊,乖乖把書唸完,因為中國跟印度的小孩正等著搶你的飯碗。」   這是比爾蓋茲已經推薦過N遍的一本書。他說,這是一本所有決策者、企業員工都必須讀的一本書。


商場競爭嚴酷,創新不一定帶來企業持續成長,唯有破壞性創新(disruptive innovation)才能確保成長引擎不熄火。有沒有一本書能像具有魔法的水晶球,能顯示產業變化的跡象?對企業與中高階經



心思大開 --「我」在腦中顯影


Coping with Chaos

The first unified presentation of new developments in the analysis and exploitation of chaotic systems Mathematicians have been aware of chaotic dynamics since Poincare s work at the turn of the century.

Designing Embedded Hardware

Designing Embedded Hardware steers a course between those books dedicated to writing code for particular microprocessors, and those that stress the philosophy of embedded system design without providing any practical information.

Speed Reading with Semantic Restructuring

Do you want to spend less time on unpleasant, ``required'', reading? Do you read for fun and want to enjoy your reading more? This book will help you do both. You will enjoy your fun reading more and spend less time on the other stuff. You might expect a

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