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October 2006

September 2006

17. RandomArray Reference

The module (in conjunction with the ranlibmodule.c file) provides a high-level interface to the ranlib module, which provides a good quality C implementation of a random-number generator.

Poisson Distribution (for a newbie)

I am simulating an event where users come into the pool randomly starting at time T=0, i.e. For Example, 2 users came at T= 0 into the the pool, 3 users came at T= 1 into the the pool, 5 users came at T=2 ,..........,54 users came at T=45 etc. As cumulati

Weighted random choice

weighted choice from list

August 2006


You need to consume, in random order, the items of a rather long list, and the most direct approach is painfully slow. 你需要按隨機順序處理一個相當長的list的條目並且多數直接的方法是慢的令人痛苦。

5.9 random -- Generate pseudo-random numbers

This module implements pseudo-random number generators for various distributions

July 2006

Mersenne Twister: A random number generator (since 1997/10)

A very fast random number generator Of period 2^19937 - 1

March 2006

Pseudo random number generators

This page contains software libraries for some very good random number generators.

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